Lost fragments- Failed memories on Behance

ART: Failed Memory by David Szauder David Szauder, a German digital artist, takes interest in the glitch phenomenon. Failed Memory, the name of the compilation of images, showcases photographs that.

Elena Ivanovna Diakonova aka Gala. Had an intution for detecting creative genius. Wife of poet Paul Eluard. Lover and muse to Max Ernst and many other artists and intellectuals of the '20s. Wife and muse of Salvador Dali who often painted her as an erotic goddess.

Gala and Salvador Dalí. She was Salvador Dalí’s most famous muse, the love of his life, his manager and mentor. When Gala passed in Dalí no longer would continue his art.

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Surreal Manipulations by Izumi Miyazaki

SPOTLIGHT: Surreal Self-Portraits by Izumi Miyazaki 18 year-old Japanese photographer Izumi Miyazaki stages and photographs herself in strange situations, both funny and twisted, leading us further into her very graphic and surreal alternate reality.

Juxtapoz Magazine - “Silence/Shapes” by Filippo Minelli

“Silence/Shapes” by Filippo Minelli


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