Chocolate flowers cake decoration - Telegraph Cressida Bell. Other beautiful cakes in this article too - she's one clever lady!

Chocolate flowers cake decoration

Chocolate flowers cake decoration - Use chocolate buttons and raisins to create this elaborate floral showpiece.

Surprise piñata football cake. This is awsome. Can we replace the soccer balls with shoes?

Surprise piñata football cake

Surprise Piñata Football/Soccer Cake How-To ~ Slice into this sensational mint chocolate celebration cake and let the hidden sweets pour out for your party guests to enjoy

We’ve teamed up with Maltesers who have created 18 delicious recipes for you to make for your bake sale.

Maltesers® recipes

Get delicious Maltesers cakes and cookies recipes for your bake sale and help for Red Nose Day.

Minecraft Cake-simple

only I would make it square instead.a round minecraft cake just doesn't make sense to me

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