Garden shed

For front porch--To get the classic cottage look shown here, simply repeat the same plant combo in a pot, hanging basket, and window box all grouped together for impact. by Nancy Hart

If we moved the fencing across parking area I could have a large, walk in garden shed with room for bikes, gardening stuff and decorating stuff storage and the front of the garage could be games/barbeque storage.

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Gardening shed. Construct a cute garden shed in a weekend with a kit. Prefab wall panels go up quickly, and doors and windows slip into precut openings. Dress it up with hanging baskets suspended from beams and window boxes overflowing with flowers.

Cottage-Style Garden Shed Painted crisp white, this cottage-style potting shed features a cozy front porch and beautiful flower-flanked stone walkway. Stained lattice hides the footings beneath the porch. A salvaged, natural multipaned entry door allows light inside the shed. Solar-powered pendant lights shine the way after dusk.

Garden Shed Ideas

Cottage-Style Garden Shed -Painted crisp white, a cozy front porch, flower-flanked stone walkway, stained lattice hides the footings beneath the porch, salvaged natural multipaned entry door & solar powered pendant lights

Cuprinol Muted Grey..this is the colour I want for my shed, with white trim...

Colour your Garden with the Cuprinol Garden Colour Selector, super cute and would be way cheaper of an idea for some shade

Gallery of Garden Sheds

Charming Garden Sheds From Rustic to Modern

super garden shed ideas. Our backyard "Tap Out" room will be part party room, part cabana! I have designed a building with an additional 4 ft front porch.

Garden Shed colour - Cuprinol Garden Shades - Silver Birch

When we moved in the garden shed looked worse for wear, as you can see above. I cleaned it up and painted it with Cuprinol Garden Shades Silver Birch paint.

Gallery of Garden Sheds

Charming Garden Sheds From Rustic to Modern

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