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Shadow Photography can create quite the artistic image. Showcase are here are truly outstanding photos that make strong use of shadows in a variety of ways.


This office space is defined by the large wooden desk with built-in storage, across from wall-size natural wood shelving with blackboard panel that slides over.

This is what finding your vocation in life is all about. When God created us, He put a desire within our soul for Him- for a purpose in this life. And when we discover that purpose and use it for His glory. our soul shines.

Good looking boy's bedroom at a reasonable cost.  Check out the shipping pallet beds and thrifty wall decals.

Love this whole room :) 1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! - Part 41

The Shelter by KG Studio + Asociados

The Shelter by KG Studio + Asociados

The Shelter, or Refugio CK is a modern house designed by KG Studio + Asociados in 2012 located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

the boo and the boy: boys' rooms

Boy room for pre teen.the basic colour of the room is white.a blue colour part of map used hear.paint is used in this room.the source of inspiration is map which is painted in the wall.

Pintura gris

Love this color for Jordan's room hmmm

Boys Bedroom Design with 3 Hanging Beds

My older two boys share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Since we moved them to bunk beds it's been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house. I love bunk beds.

❤️A room like this for Warren soon? What an adorable little bed!

I think I died and woke up in Norwegian Blogging Heaven!!!

Cute but give the little boy some more color than the light blue, grey and white. It seems like it's missing a comfort color.