Easy one-pot beef stew. Loads of veg, no hassle. Definitely better than eating rubbish.

I love to be able to throw together a meal with as little effort as possible and this one pot Slimming World easy beef stew crock pot recipe has to be one of the easiest out there and what is even better is that it is totally syn free on Slimming World!

Lentil Shepherds Pie | Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes

Lentil Shepherds Pie - Slimming world style! Ideal for a vegetarian alternative and great on green and extra easy days.

Slimming World's pasta with prawns, chilli and tomatoes recipe - goodtoknow

Slimming World's pasta with prawns, chilli and tomatoes Spruce up your pasta with this speedy dish from Slimming World. Packed with juicy prawns in a delicious seafood sauce, this quick dinner is perfect for the whole family

Low-fat custard recipe Syn milk and cornflour for very low syn custard

Low-fat custard

Love a bit of custard on your dessert? Now you don't have to feel guilty drowning your pud in our delicious low-fat custard recipe - it's only takes a few ingredients

Slimming World Recipes: Campfire Stew - Syn Free Slow Cooker Method

Slimming World Campfire Stew - Syn Free Prep time: 40 min Cook time: 10 hours Total time: 10 hours 40 min .