House lined with exposed plywood sheets, by architect Davor Popadich

Instead of relying on plasterboard that would be too costly, architect Davor Popadich chose to use plywood to line his New Zealand home's interior. In addition to being cost effective, the plywood highlights the builders' craftsmanship.

AMA House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

AMA House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Localarchitecture · Zoo La Garenne

LOCALARCHITECTURE was commissioned to design an entrance pavilion for the new zoo La Garenne in Le Vaud (CH). After 48 years, the zoo had to be moved to a bi.

Casia Coop Training Centre / TYIN Tegnestue Architects

Gallery of Cassia Coop Training Centre / TYIN Tegnestue Architects - 22

Cassia Co-op Training Centre Location: Sungai Penuh, Kerinchi, Sumatra, Indonesia Project: Training facility for cinnamon production Cost: Euro Building period: August – October 2011 Built by: TYIN tegnestue TYIN tegnestue with local workers

Josep Ferrando slots a skinny house between two existing properties in Spain.

This narrow residence by Barcelona-based architect Josep Ferrando is wedged between the party walls of a pair of houses in the Spanish city of Sant Cugat.

Casa de Madera en Châtenois / Atelier

Galería de Casa de Madera en Châtenois / Atelier - 3

Completed in 2010 in Châtenois, France. Images by Stéphane Spach. Contrary to the classical buildings of the tertiary sector, the present work is entirely made of wood and natural insulator (cellulose wadding and.

Neudorf sports hall | ATELIER ZÜNDEL CRISTEA; Photo: Sergio GRAZIA | Archinect

Image 2 of 24 from gallery of Sports Center in Neudorf / Atelier Zündel Cristea. Photograph by Sergio Grazia

Vrin Mehrzweckhalle by Swiss architect Gion A Caminada⊚ pinned by #megwise

New exhibition showcases the work of Swiss architect Gion A Caminada

Landscape House by Mabire Reich in Nantes, France

Mabire-Reich's Landscape House has decked roof terraces

Contemporary extension designed by Mabire Reich Architects situated in Nantes, France.

Kitazawa Kenchiku Factory - Fumiko Misawa + Masahiro Inayama #wood #structures #estructuras #madera

What a phantastic working space - Kitazawa Kenchiku Factory by Fumiko Misawa + Masahiro Inayama - Remarkable Japanese Timber Structures © Shinkenchiku-sha