How to Make a Bean Teepee by #Teepee #Garden #Bean_Teepee #mudproject_org

Veggie Teepee - Interesting trellis for pole beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, etc. Cute playhouse for kids

less messy

For future painting projects. Rubber band around the can over the opening. Then you can dip in the brush and wipe excess paint off onto rubber band, rather than the edge of the can.

Dove House, London by Gundry & Ducker.

Dove House by Gundry & Ducker

The Dove House is a modern extension project that was done by the architecture firm of Gundry Ducker. The new structure was added to a Victorian terraced house in West London with a dark and narrow kitchen.

such a cool idea - tree branch lamps!

Branching Out: DIY Tree Branch Lamps

use a potted tree branch to extend a lamp into the room. The cord winds around the branch. The pot can be turned so the light goes where you want it, without taking up floor space.

glass/wood house

Glass / Wood House

Kengo Kuma updated the mid-century Glass Wood House in New Canaan, Connecticut, while maintaining the home’s integration with its natural surroundings. Photo by Kengo Kuma & Associates for Glass Wood House

Axor Starck Shower

Axor Starck Shower

The Living Environment of the Future - Axor Starck bathroom design for Hansgrohe Imagine literally rolling out of bed into the shower. This design by Axor Starck is based on a central square that.

lucky day

two hot girls flash oncoming traffic View "Highway Flashing" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton Cubes for Albers and LeWitt November 03 - December 2011 Higher PIctures

cool coat hooks

How a dull tool is shaped into functional art. Multi purpose: hangers for coat, plant baskets, tools,. in garage hooks

Bundaberg Magnolia by Hugh Stewart...

I have always admired and loved Hugh Stewart's photography, especially his wonderful still lives. This floral is one of my favourites.

In the style of Hemingway.

The Reserve - Russell Banks - Book Review

From Russell Banks, a novel of love and class struggle set in an Adirondack playground of the rich.