Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash with an old school Ghetto Blaster / boom box

Joe Hisaishi

Amazing Joe Hisaishi (He is the composer who does the music to all of the Miyazaki movies.

The Who

The mid Mod style was influenced by pop art which took everyday items out of their normal context and made them into something entirely stylistic. This was most vibrantly expressed by The Who with their symbolic use of arrows, Union Jack jackets and

Joe Jackson

The Official Website Joe Jackson: Grammy Award Winning Musician and Singer-Songwriter

Grace Jones

Grace Jones, Nightclubbing, 1995 I don't have this album but I sure love the artwork


Ray of Light (Madonna). I recently read an old interview of Madonna and she talked about her song, ray of light and how it sums up what it was like for her to finally become a Mom.

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles [Featuring Robert Smith] - Not In Love Tracklist: 01 - Not In Love [F.


Is there a better album cover that The Reminder by Feist? (In fact, is there a better album?