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Sonny Bill Williams of the Roosters trains during a Sydney Roosters NRL training session at Moore Park on September 2013 in Sydney, Aust. (Made to Bleed, Built to BREED!

Beautiful Love Quotes Tattoos, Tattoos of Attractive Love Quotes, Lovely Quotes Tattoo Designs for Women

I love this sleeve, but this art is gorgeous. Quote "You know you're in Love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your Dreams"

Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women - Mr Pilgrim Street Artist. Visit

Here are some of the best Greek tattoo designs for men and women. Greek Tattoos contain a multitude of beautiful designs and varieties to choose from.

50 Latest Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men And Women |

Portrait Forearm Tattoo It’s one of popular spot to get tattoo on forearm as it’s visible and you have more chance to express yourself. Forearm tattoos are loved and practiced by both men and women. In terms of tattoo ideas,… Continue Reading →

I repined this picture because this is what I would wear to an interview.

Armani shoe with trim. Dress shoes that will suit any - well, suit. As long as the suit is tailored.and beautiful. shoes shoes for men fashion

Imagine a world where your words appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say? Why or why not? ~Artist Ronit Bigal what an interesting thought.

Are you ready to begin with your own photography concepts? Do you have an idea of where you need to start? Have you explored what techniques work best for your pictures? This article will help you find answers to those questions and many more! -

Have you chosen men hand tattoos as your small ink? Seek out the best men hand tattoo designs with us. We think men tattoos on hand are some of the hottest designs for men.

Awesome Bio Mechanical tattoo by André Zechmann. For more cool tattoo photos visit

The Bio-mechanical tattoos became known throughout the Eighties however it's still in vogue now a days.Here we present the list of 30 Bio mechanical Tattoo

Possibly me one day! Jeremiah 20:9; Exodus 22:18; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 all rolled into one tattoo. Can't friggin wait for some money to roll in for the tat.

Possibly me one day! Jeremiah Exodus 1 Corinthians all rolled into one tattoo. Can't friggin wait for some money to roll in for the tat.