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La Lampe Installation Muti Randolph

La Lampe Installation by Muti Randolph - News - Frameweb.LIKE the wave. would like some colour movement . like water .

Anders Krisár

Anders Krisár

The amazing creations of the Swedish artist Anders Krisár, based in Stockholm, who turns human body into strange and surreal sculptures. Some very realistic

"Open Black Box" by Tom Friedman

"Open Black Box" by Tom Friedman i like this because not only is it precarious in that it is balanced on a corner, but the fact that it is in itself incomplete - the viewer can see the gallery walls, the viewer can see the inside of this 'box' but it's re

Colander sculptures cast beautiful faces by Isaac Cordal

Sometimes even the simplest of objects can become fantastically beautiful art. Renowned street artist Isaac Cordal did that recently when he transformed or

Bryan John Appleby album art by the uber talented Jordan Butcher.

jordanbutcher: “ My cover art for Bryan John Appleby’s debut full length, Fire On The Vine. Bryan’s been a close friend for many years, and it was honor to package his record. The music is fantastic.