Love these flowers poking through the paper cuts. Floral typography by Emma Luk, Shillington Graduate.

I like the fracturing of the word one. It is attracting to the eye and makes the contrast on the top stick out more. This contrast leads to being able to see the word even though it is slashed through by fractured. This is very simple but it is effective.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Black and White Typography Poster Motivational Gift for Girlfriend Art Print

Jesus was mentioned as the Lamb of Judah 24 times in Revelations.

Drop Logo

"Drop Logo by Chaz Russo" But when I saw it I couldn't help but think of the "bass drop" in dubstep music.

96 / numbers project

Brandon Wilson, who works under the consultancy name Contrabrand, is creating a set of beautifully illustrated numbers – one a day for the duration of this year.