'Grow Your Own Food and Supply Your Own Cookhouse', by Abram Games

'Grow Your Own Food and Supply Your Own Cookhouse', by Abram Games interesting image with an interesting message. one halph of the image shows a shovel in a field and the other side shows a ship possibly importing food.

Anti-Smoking Poster designed by Abram Games (1970) and unpublished | © Estate of Abram Games | #abramgames #vintageposters

Abram Games' anti-smoking poster - brilliant analogy with a coffin in the negative space.

Festival of Britain 1951 - travelling exhibition guide - Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham (by mikeyashworth)

The South Bank exhibition; a guide to the story it tells : The Festival of Britain emblem, designed by Abram Games, from the cover of the South Bank Exhibition Guide, 1951


JERSEY, Abram Games, 1951 (poster is English, but in my case I'm thinking of down the shore)

Financial Times poster by Abram Games, c1955 by mikeyashworth, via Flickr

The familiar pink paper of the Financial Times seen here, in a 1955 poster by Abram Games, racing ahead! Games was one of the best known UK based graphic designers of the period and this poster is only a few years after his 1951 Festival of Britian logo.

Abrams Games -  Fly BOAC

BOAC by Abram Games. I was lucky enough to interview Mr Games whilst I was an undergrad and he was a guest lecturer. Such a gentleman and so generous with his time for art students.

Abram Games.

commonorgarden: “leftoverlondoner: “Sightsee London: A fabulous Abram Games poster design from 1971 advertising the ever popular London Transport round London sightseeing tours.

Abram Games poster designs – in pictures

Abram Games poster designs – in pictures