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the cover of jumping a boxcar by dark words, with an image of a train coming
FREE short story
Today I am feeling generous. I have selected a short story from my book ‘Dark Words’ for you to read for free.
the back of a woman's panties with lights around her and an advert
A Massive book
The perfect Christmas gift is a Massive book. Add When I was on the Massive to your 'stocking filler' list. Just click this link to get your hands on this beauty. BZ shippers.
a black cat sitting on top of a blue book cover
When I was on the Massive: Black Cats, Shaggy Dogs & more
When I was on the Massive, the latest Royal Navy Blue Book. Not only 'When I was on the Massive’ jokes, but the entire gamut of Royal Naval humour, from standard jokes to the harsh and vulgar, bawdy songs and poems, through to saucy and offensive tales of Jack's runs ashore, their sly and cheating activities. Oh, and each book sold will, as always, help raise funds for RN & RM charities. BZ shippers.
jack's dits 2 more tales from the mess
Jacks Dits 2: More Tales from the Mess
Jacks Dits 2: More Tales from the Mess: White, Paul: 9798723132160: Books
the cover of deep waters by paul white
Deep Waters
Deep Waters. Amazon UK, Amazon .com, Other bookstores,
an advertisement for the production of rupert's deville, written in english and spanish
New cover
This is the new cover for 'The Abduction of Rupert DeVille'. It shows the lightheartedness & humour of the book far more clearly. Check it out.
a woman's face is shown with the caption that reads, this is a dark comedy
Miriam's Hex
A humorous tale of impatience, greed and witchcraft.
a red rose with water dripping from it's petals in front of a black background
New Summer Garden
Crime drama (Fiction) ebook
a book cover with an image of two people on a boat and the title neptune and the polylywogs
Neptune and the Pollywogs
Crossing the Line Ceremony
jack's dits tall tales from the mess
Jack's Dits: Tall tales from the mess: 1
It is what it says on the cover.
the cover of an electric electric book, featuring a bench and trees in autumn colors
Ancient magic meets the modern urban world. A sweet tale of hope, love and sharing.
the book cover for the royal navy's history by andrew jack and jennyy
The Andrew, Jack & Jenny: Royal Navy Nicknames, Origins & History
Andrew Jack & Jenny. Royal Navy Nicknames. A must for all old hands and new skins.
the cover of lots of author stuff you need to know
Lots of Author Stuff You Need to Know
This is the book which, most probably, has the answers to those questions which have been plaguing you for an age. The ones you have not got around to asking anyone about, yet. Well, fear no more. You will no longer have to suffer indignation by posting a 'silly' question on social media or staying up all night trolling, sorry, surfing the net for answers. The answers you are looking for are all here, all in one place, between the covers of Lots of author stuff you need to know.
the cover of within the invisible pentacle by paul white, with an image of a woman in a white dress
Within the Invisible Pentacle
Within the Invisible Pentacle: Paul White: 9781720987659: Books
the orb logo on a black background with red lettering that reads,'the orb '