Prachtige organische structuur die de zitopstellingen als het ware omarmt. De combinatie van natuursteen, leer, hout en de op het plafond doorgetrokken nerfstructuur zorgen voor een zeer bijzondere sfeer.

Nerding Out on Shit Hot Ceilings

wall to ceiling. The Tote in India by Serie Architects. 2010 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

Barn conversion style. This looks very much like the bedroom in our villa at Colli Fiorentini in San Vincenzo, Tuscany Italy.

15 of the Dreamiest Dream Bedrooms

Rustic and cosy bedroom with stone walls, wooden ceiling and white bed linen - House interior decoration inspiration Yup. My room. Except a few changes here and there.

The reflective glass windows make the house practically a work of art

Villa NM by Ben Van Berkel

Villa NM by Ben Van Berkel. The reflective glass windows make the house practically a work of art!

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A Romanesque chest. Metal strapping holds it together.

Urban Forest, Chongqing, China | See More Pictures

Urban Forest, Chongqing, China MAD architects' new project 'Urban Forest' is located in Chongqing, China. Urban Forest is a commercial high-rise building that takes the form of an urban mountain with over 70 floors, each one different and unique.

Vestige and Origin, 2011, 72x48, acrylic on canvas

Vestige and Origin, acrylic on canvas

Filagree and Ambiance, 2011, 60x48, acrylic on panel

Filagree and Ambiance, acrylic on panel

Into Believed Spaces, 2012, 12x12, acrylic on canvas

Into Believed Spaces, acrylic on canvas

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