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Kate Powell, a very talented 16 year old.

Roses in her hair Drawings by UK based artist Kate Louse Powell Take me away Fairy girl drawing Butterfly effect drawing Weird fishes drawing Drawing of girl with hummingbirds Mollie rose drawing Holland… Continue Reading →

Grunge Blog | Making You Smile

gif trippy text dream flashing dreamer good vibes Hologram dreambig epliepsy warning i hate school-i hate my family-self harm- kill me- depressed- depression- Depressing quotes- Depressing thoughts- Depressive- Girl- Boy- Rebel- Sad girl- cute- i love y

yellow sky by Ana Pontes Photography

Today, it's January and I remembered recently when I soaked in God, that I had a dream or a vision and part of that I was flying through melted gold - through golden clouds like these.

Cracked paint... easy to do... I have paint at home... texture YAZ   JUDITHPDESIGN // White colour Inspiration

Here in this picture I can really feel what the cracked wall feels like. The texture is all cracked and hard. Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object,roughness,smooth,soft etc.

Cherry blossom tattoo design @ Instagram

Finally a beautiful minimalist cherry blossom tat I've been searching for ever to find one!