'works on paper #19' (2010) by Dutch artist Hinke Schreuders. yarn and ink on paper on canvas. via the artist's site

Life has a way of ensaring us with its long tentacles. Before we realize it, forces in our lives from careers, friends and family have bound us in a tight web. Amsterdam, Netherlands based artist Hinke Schreuders depicts entrapment through.

...buttons and machine embroidery

Nice necklaces ( i read this as wire necklaces.but it's a good idea, wire for chain)

Debbie Smyth - THREAD artist! Beautiful and intrique! Baffles my mind. Love the style, think they would make great illustrations, too!

Beautiful Strings The intricate style of textile artist Debby Smith is truly a pleasure to take notice of.

Rosie James textile designer - I admire her highly textural, embroidered juxtapositions and the variety of colour tones, layers of imagery and patterns. An intriguing, complimentary contrast is evoked.

Rosie James textile designer -highly textural, embroidered juxtapositions, variety of color tones, layers of imagery, and patterns.

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Free motion embroidery: Love the contrast between, and overlap of, applique figures with thread-sketched figures .