Quote by Terry Pratchett, Artist Paul Kidby

DEATH: Terry Pratchett and the Discworld Paul Kidby (Official Ilustrator) Definitley my fave picture of Death

Discworld Quotes About Life, The Universe, And Everything: Death isn't cruel

Who knew a flat world on the backs of four elephants balancing on a turtle swimming through space was full of such good advice? UPDATE: Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett has died at

The Discworld Emporium's new blue plaque! We hope it would have tickled the great man as much as his quote from Equal Rites tickles us!

Discworld - Keep Calm and Buggrit v.2 by PaulRoberts

Pratchett: Gifts & Merchandise

Discworld - Keep Calm and Buggrit by PaulRoberts. The only "Keep calm" sign I've ever seen that I actually like, Nell

Unlike a normal camera, the iconograph contains a tiny imp who quickly paints the pictures (also called iconographs) of the subject at hand. If it is too dim for the imps to see, salamanders can be used as a flashgun.

artist and illustrator kevin LCK builds cardboard electronics and teeny tiny dioramas contained within them.for his new Ordinary Behavior series.: Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas.

Death with Kitten II ~Paul Kidby

"What is there in this world that makes living worthwhile?" Death thought about it. "Cats," he said eventually. "Cats are nice.

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