tadao ando. langen foundation

Langen Foundation View On Black Raketenstation Hombroich 41472 Neuss GERMANY architect Tadao Ando Please feel free to take a peak at my Langen_Foundation_slideshow

James Gorst Architects

James Gorst Architects - Manly and uncompromising brick detailing. Steps plus a plinth for pontificating from or for children to fall off. Proof, were it needed, that the work of Luis Barragan does not transfer well to North London.

transceiverfreq: Wotruba Church by Fritz Wotruba - photos by Manuela Martin

Visions of an Industrial Age // Fritz Wotruba: "Wotruba Church" or "Kirche zur Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit", Vienna, Built on the basis of a model by the sculptor - who died before the completion.

Old Bunker - Architecture

abandonedstructures: “ Abandoned bunker located in Albania. Built during the regime of the dictator Enver Hoxha, the socialist leader of Albania from 1944 to who was paranoid about his country.

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