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a child's drawing of a rainbow with words written on it
Art Lesson in Urdu
Teaching Art to my kids, with a focus on Urdu
Simple steps to help you overcome an anxiety attack. Nature, Design, Social Media, Sites Like Youtube, Podcasts, Need To Know, Stress Management, Online School, Deal
How To Deal With An Anxiety Attack
Simple steps to help you overcome an anxiety attack.
two rocks with glasses on each one saying art is not what you see, but what you make others see
Can a therapist and client be friends?
how to make urdu fun for your child
Teaching Urdu
Instilling a love for Urdu in children
an orange and yellow poster with children posing for the camera in front of it, which reads celebrate university fosterer univy
Boss or Leader?
Do you want to raise a boss... or a leader? Full post on my blog ( Subscribe to the blog to receive news of latest releases, offers, and freebies! #raisingleaders
two dogs are sitting under a tree with leaves on it and the caption is in english
Tracey Learns To Lead
Sneak Peak of my upcoming book
a book cover with a dog sitting in the leaves and an orange background that says tracey learns to lead
Tracey Learns To Lead
Tracey is a BOSSY puppy! She loves inventing new games, and wants everyone to follow along. But what if no-one wants to? Join Tracey on this journey, as she learns how to be a leader.
a stack of books sitting on top of each other
Mini Tale
A mini tale about a new notebook. An exercise in creative writing.
the amazon kindle app is showing an article about children's book body anatomy and loving, respectful interactions
Book Review
A review from a reader for Kiki Learns To Play Gently
an ad for the children's story, which is written in green and white
Honest Review: Kiki Learns to Play Gently
Big shoutout to Am2Pmmom (Instagram) for giving my story an honest and lovely review. She’s also on Facebook under the name Am2pmblogpage. Go check her out!
a letter to someone about pet demons
Pet Demons
Cover page of therapeutic story: Kiki Learns to Play Gently. Features a grey kitten on pink background. Short Stories For Kids, Play Therapist, Empathy
Kiki Learns to Play Gently
A therapeutic story for parents and play therapists. The main character struggles with strong emotions, and sometimes invades others’ boundaries. In the story she learns about empathy towards others and social ettiquette.
a drawing of a circular object with scissors on the side and clouds in the center
Affirmation Journaling
affirmations, creative self-care, drawing, journaling prompt, mental health, oil pastels, tribal dragon art
an open book with the words my own oran look written in colorful doodles
Mini Quran Book
Homemade prayer board book
a drawing of a hand with the words lockdown and hands written on it in different languages
Lockdown Hands
A maternal journaling activity