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Her indoors

Her indoors


Not an expert on space, but from what I keep reading and hearing through NASA and other science 'experts'. part of the Flat Earth experience

Someone must have a thing for the cleaning lady...

The contouring just isn't working.not to mention the spotted cat laying across her head.

Obama's prisoner release plan includes releasing those at high-risk to commit more/worse crimes. This is what we have to look forward to. BUT people won't vote differently or even think this could happen to their friends or loved ones.

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Simon Parkes - The Lucifer Telescope, Vatican, Pope

Simon Parkes - The Lucifer Telescope, Vatican, Pope. They fake alien agenda. The truth is aliens = demons.but they do not want us to know the truth.


101 yr Old Cartoons Explain Todays Political Paradigm Newspaper Cartoons from 1912 explain everything happening today – The sum total is you are a debt/tax slave to the Rothschilds: