Lemon Meringue Pie: Create towering peaks of sweet lemony meringue on a crumbly tart base. http://www.bakers-corner.com.au/recipes/sweetened-condensed-milk-recipes/sweetened-condensed-milk-desserts/lemon-meringue-pie-2/

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie - another Sweetened Condensed Milk recipe from the talented bakers at Bakers Corner. Create towering peaks of sweet lemony meringue on a crumbly tart base. Find even more delicious Sweetened Condensed Milk Desserts.

Lucky Dip Meringues - Woman And Home

Lucky Dip Meringues Recipe

Taken from Seasonal Baking by Fiona Cairns, each stripy meringue holds a secret.

Strawberry Meringue Tower - Woman And Home

Strawberry Meringue Tower Recipe

Make an impressive strawberry meringue tower stacked with 40 meringue kisses and fresh fruit for the ultimate summer dessert that works for a crowd

Coffee Pavlovas with Cappuccino Cream

Coffee Pavlovas with cappuccino cream - Woman And Home. This mouth-watering recipe makes crunchy, sticky, chewy Pavlovas to die for.

Hazelnut Meringue Cake with Irish Cream

Nutty meringue cake recipe - Woman And Home. This hazelnut meringue, cream and chocolate recipe will be an instant hit.

Summer Berry Meringues and Cream

This summer berry meringue recipe is a twist on Eton Mess, a classic summer favourite, and an easily transportable dessert for taking to an outdoor concert or a picnic

Mini Brown Sugar and Hazelnut Meringues

Mini brown sugar and hazelnut meringues have a rich caramel flavour and make an impressive Christmas gift on their own or a spart of a hamper.

Mini Marscapone Meringue

Meringue recipes make impressive desserts, either layered in a meringue tower with strawberries and cream, shaped into a pavlova or to decorate a cake

Nut Meringue Cake with Baileys Cream

Nut meringue cake with Baileys cream - Shards of After Eight mints top layers of feather-light hazelnut meringue and boozy Baileys whipped cream in this decadent dessert