80s Toy Pound Puppy Set of Two Grey Mother and by kerrilendo. $12.00 USD, via Etsy.

80s Toy Pound Puppy Set of Two Grey Mother and Newborn Brown with Spots Pound Puppies

Toy Pound Puppy Set of Two Grey Mother and Newborn Brown with Spots Pound Puppies. I was just thinking yesterday about Pound Puppies and Pound Purries.

We always used to play with this at Grandma and Grandpa's house :)

Back To Childhood...

Fisher Price Record Player- I loved this thing growing up! I was so curious as to how the bumps made the machine play music.

Bike Spoke Beads- I had them on my bike and I thought they were the coolest thing

Spokey Dokeys for your bike wheels! "clickety-clack" when riding your bike

Every kid born after WW2 played cowboys and Indians and shot of caps up until the late 50's, then other forms of toy guns were developed. Use to love the smell the burn cap left after shooting the gun.

Cap gun, roll caps ~ not only did we use them in the toy cap guns but we would take a hard surface like a rock or sidewalk and then hit each cap with a rock to make them pop and smoke. I remember the smell!

These are now superseded by white boards and have a marker pen to write with so no heavy wood eraser blocks!

Roller blackboards and the wheeled ones, our science teacher used to put the kids who didn't behave behind it lol been there a few times myself :) not a very popular teacher i think the whole class would have been behind if he had his way hahaha


Vintage retro 1980s bluebird big yellow teapot toy no furniture

Cadbury Vending Machines. Fruit & Nut. Whole Nut. Photo by Sam Tait / GoldScotland71

Cadbury vending machines at the train station.the absolutely best chocolate. Cadburys Fruit and nut

Pogo Ball

Art Best Toy I loved my Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I spent FAR more time outside playing with my Skip-It and my Pogo Ball. I miss you, Pogo Ball. kickin-it-applecheeks

I think it was Ziggy from Grange Hill that started it all for me....  Grange Hill favourites from 1986; Ziggy, Ant Jones, Imelda Davis, Georgina, Laura Reagan, Julia Glover and Danny Kendall

I was not allowed to watch this, the characters were 'naughty and rude to teachers' lol

Maid Marian and her Merry Men with Tony Robinson

Maid Marian and her Merry Men with Tony Robinson - I was quite young when this was on and didn't appreciate it. It was rather like a children's version of Blackadder.

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Throwback Thursday: Who remembers the good ol' Speak & Spell? I don't know about you guys, this toy was kind of cool :P What was your favorite toy growing up?


Vintage, this is what got me started. Memories from my childhood.