Sindy Doll, I would love to find one of these dolls for my daughters

Sindy -she was so named after Cinderella - is one for the most popular British Fashion Doll created by Pedigree Dolls and Toys in Had loads of these. Cannot BELIEVE I'd forgotten the tights.

Press out dolls Mary Quant designs 1973

Daisy at the Fair, press-out paper doll and dresses, And more high fashion material for girls. V&A + Source Fashion by Mary Quant, illustration by Joan Corlass. Note the Quant logo as.

Mary Quant Daisy

A site about collecting Mary Quant Daisy doll, a british teenage/fashion doll from the 1970 s, also about Mary Quant s Daisy longlegs doll, the larger version of the 9 inch fashion doll.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll, I had her for Christmas one year and my Mum made all these amazing clothes for her including a beautiful wedding dress.

Mary Quant Daisy Doll In my games I made her Sindy's younger sister. Her legs would bend so you could 'seat' her and she had the coolest clothes like EVer!naturally though, because she was manufactured by Mary Quant :)

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