Dancing in the streets, Paris, 1953 © Chim (David Seymour)/Magnum Photos

liquidnight: “David Seymour Dancing in the streets Paris, 1953 [via Le Clown Lyrique] ”

The Color Photographs of Helen Levitt

Slide Show : The Color Photographs of Helen Levitt Photographs by Helen Levitt, Introduction by John Szarkowski Hardcover: 118 pages Publisher: powerHouse Books 2005

Helen Levitt. New York. 1981

Vintage everyday: Amazing Color Photographs of Streets Scenes of New York City in the Helen Levitt –

Costermonger in a street in Zeyrek, 1959. Photo by Ara Güler

costermonger in a street in zeyrek, 1959 photo by ara güler, from ara güler’s istanbul ***please don’t repost this as your own

rena effendi4

Rena Effendi - Between Here and Paradise; Havana Cuba Rena Effendi, documented many of the neighbourhoods and enclaves that appear in the work of Padura and other Cuban artists.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel2

Ruben Natal-San Miguel2

Food in The Arts

This famous photo by Aaron Siskind (who documented everyday Harlem) in the shows a typical store front of the period in Central Har.

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