photo montage

Hello, I’m Kieron Cropper. I make collage art under the pseudonyum and I live in Brighton. I create artwork using vintage imagery and overlooked fragments of old books and magazines. I then combine these using a series of analogue and digital techniques.


"The Girlfriend Experience" movie poster, Another experimental film, Soderbergh cast then-active porn star Sasha Grey in the lead role of a call girl and her experiences. Critics either loved or hated the film and movie audiences stayed away in droves.

Marco Ugolini

Surreal photography concoctions - Physical manipulation as opposed to digital manipulation. The use of repetition creates an illusion, never showing the body. Look at more illusions and how they create thoughts and feelings through repetition

Woven Portraits by David Samuel Stern

Woven Portraits by David Samuel Stern

Woven Portraits by David Samuel Stern. (layers of portrait woven over each other)

another example of geometric graphic manipulation

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Correspondance collage - photos by Gorka Postigo diciembre 2010

Fragments - you could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint or use mixed media?

Arnhem's Fashion Talent

- Media idea - Fragments - I could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint/other mixed media in the shapes - portraits + people

Photography by Ben Sandler

wetheurban: “ PHOTOGRAPHY: Artificial Intelligence by Ben Sandler In a recent stunning editorial, photographer Ben Sandler explores the concept of artificial intelligence.

Sølve Sundsbø

Numéro July/August Sølve SundsbøModel: Diana Meszaros Leather shirt & tie by Jean-Claude Jitrois

Portraits Created by Circles - Digital Circlism by Ben Heine

- Marilyn Monroe - @ is by artist BenHeine if digital, drawing, Pop Art. BenHeine Marilyn's portrait made with thousands of circles on a black background.