Drawing into the the negative shape behind the hand.  This will be a great example for a project. Consider planning this as a learning opportunity.

Original Portrait Pencil Drawing Fine Art Hands


Floral Mind and Body – Martin O'Neill. what is inside you? Are you made of hearts and flowers or something harsher or stronger? take a picture of yourself and collage it to show what you're made of. Reminds me of prufrock

self-portrait - template

cubism - self-portrait - template - great idea!- I could see the kids being into this. breaking up the idea of "Portrait" into something more fun

Portrait made in collaboration between photographer Michelangelo di Battista and illustrator Tina Berning

Kass Copeland

kass copeland awesome box art very likeable style and compositions in mixed media and assemblage

Matthieu Bourel

French artist Matthieu Bourel, based in Berlin, makes wonderful collages from actors’ photographs such as Gregory Peck, and also famous actresses and sing

Under the Skin - Jonathan Glazer

Under The Skin by Dir Jonathan Glazer & DoP Daniel Landin. One of the strangest and most visually interesting films.