Evening Coat from the House of Worth in 1890 A.D.

Evening coat House of Worth (French, Designer: Attributed to Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne Paris) Designer: Attributed to Jean-Philippe Worth (French, Date: ca.

An unknown shopgirl on Kensington Church Street photographed on September 8th, 1906. From the Library Time Machine, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

A woman Sambourne snobbishly describes as a “shop girl” strolls down Kensington Church Street engrossed in a book. Edward Linley Sambourne was a cartoonist for Punch. He used photography as a working tool when doing his illustrations.

Unknown gentleman wearing a black waistcoat and black tailcoat. Photographed at Gray's studio in Boston, date unknown.

Menswear has been in fashion magazines for over 300 years. In 1825 Costume Parisien illustrates a man’s cutaway tailcoat . It had a squ.

Fin de Siecle mourning ensembles from 1895 A.D. In the Death Becomes Her exhibition at the Met Museum.

Fin de Siecle mourning ensembles from 1895 A. In the Death Becomes Her exhibition at the Met Museum.

French silk dress designed by Laboudt & Robina in 1895 A.D. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Midnight blue silk brocade and silk velvet dress by Laboudt & Robina, French, The crescent textile of this glorious gown was made in China in 1888 and then included in this gown by Parisian dressmakers Laboudt & Robina at a later date.

Dorothy by John Singer Sargent in 1900 A.D. From the Dallas Museum of Art.

Dorothy, 1900 John Singer Sargent Dallas Museum of Art Dorothy Williamson was the granddaughter of George Millar Williamson, one of John Singer Sargent's first American patrons. Sargent painted Dorothy's portrait in London in 1900