U.K. The Beatles fans, 1960's.

police struggling to restrain Beatles fans outside Buckingham Palace , October, 1965

1960's Hair Salon - my mother had a hair dryer like this at home and I'd sit under it to dry my hair would live to hang photos like this ;)

Beauty parlor but I remember when I was really little these still being around in the salon my mom went to.

Go Go Dancers 60s

1960 Joan Collins slaying the hip swivel to orchestra leader Jack Albin's sax, as Candy Barr the burlesque legend teaches her how, for the movie Seven Thieves (the one ripped off by Oceans 11 12 13 whatever) photo by Lazslo Willinger.

Trip to the ice cream van - 1960's. All the neighborhood kids would listen for the little tune the van played, then run like crazy with their allowance money.

The ice cream man. Hear that jingly music of the truck coming slowly down the street and all the kids would run out to greet the ice cream man.

Ever Ready batteries - the days before Duracell. Needed these for all sorts of toys...

Ever Ready batteries - the days before Duracell. My granddad worked for Ever Ready.

Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton, 1963 // Photo by Bert Stern // supermodel // muse // floral crown // fashion icon // style idol // iconic women // // // fashion editorial // magazine cover

Vintage Beauty / Hair salon, 1960’s

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Loved the name - almost my Mum's - Dulcie x

Dolcis (I had a 'Saturday Job' when still at school working in Dolcis. I was paid 21 shillings per saturday).