Interactive Cat Toys

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100% Natural Catnip!It reduces your cat’s dental plaque & tartar and provides endless hours of fun.
Self Rotating LED Cat Ball Toy with Feather and Bell 😻
New Year, New Cat Toys! Get your fur baby the best automatic toy & keep them busy all day long.
Interactive Cat Toys Pop and Play Turntable Motion Activated Yo-yo, Entertaining, Fish Cat Toy, Pop N Play, Cat Ball
Interactive Cat Toys
Keep your cat entertained and happy all day long! Choose from our range of motion-activated, automatic, pop and play, turntable, and laser toys.
Automatic Yo-Yo Cat Ball Toy with Touch Activation
Clip the automatic yo-yo toy onto any surface in your house and enjoy watching your cat play for hours with it! A single touch from your cat is enough to activate the toy for a full 5-minute playtime session!
Windmill Cat Toy with Food Dispenser
Endless fun and games! Fill this windmill toy with your cat’s favourite treats and watch as they spend hours and hours playing with it! Or, fill it up with your cat's food to help them slow down their eating!
Interactive Motion Activated UFO Cat Toy with Peekaboo Feather
*30% SALE* This electronic interactive cat toy moves around and the feather pops in and out, making it the ideal toy to amuse your cat for hours!