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library READ - Oh, I must ad this to my dream book case list! I will need 50 rooms just to get all of my book case ideas in!

Recipe For Coconut Oil Fried Cinnamon Sugar and Ginger Plantains - Never had a plantain? I’d describe it as a heartier banana that almost borders on the texture of a sweet potato, sliced and fried similarly. In fact, plantains are often used as the potato or pasta of the Caribbean because they are starchy. The way I prepared them was a little sweet from the cinnamon and sugar and the flavor of the coconut oil seeped into them perfectly.

for out and about snacks // Coconut Oil Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Plantains - Bring a taste of the Caribbean into your kitchen.

fridge with open shelving .... Photo Gallery: Michael Penney's New House | House & Home

Photo Gallery: Michael Penney's New House

demijohn on top pf refrigerator; Design by Michael Penney; Photography by Donna Griffith; House & Home June 2011 (via Michael Penney Style)

Miel de abejas de verdad

Miel de abejas de verdad