Breeds that perfectly fit in the POW Pet carrier

Find out whether your dog will fit POW Pet carrier or not. IMPORTANT: Please be aware of the measurement of the POW Pet carrier: Inside - 35x35x36 cm…
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two dogs with their tongue hanging out sitting next to each other on a white background
Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Information
Do you have a Griffon Bruxellois, Petit Brabancon or Griffon Belge? You can transport two of them with one POW Pet carrier without any problems!
a small brown dog sitting on top of a black stool
"Caniche Puppy" by Stocksy Contributor "Vera Lair"
Toy poodle weights up to 4-4.5kg. It only mean one - you can surely travel with your both toy poodles!
a small black and brown dog standing in the grass
Top 8 Small & Tiny Dog BreedsTop 8 Small & Tiny Dog Breeds | Animals Zone
Here is a tip! When it's getting colder, your English Toy Terrier will stay warm when you will close the porthole for your journey!
a yorkshire terrier sitting in the grass with its tongue out and it's tongue hanging out
A List of Small Dog Breeds That Will Pretty Much Always Look Like Puppies
Do you know that you can travel with two Australian Silky Terriers? You just need to put them both in your POW Pet carrier and enjoy your travel together!
a small white dog standing on top of a lush green field
Parson Russell Terrier -
Take your Parson Russell Terrier with you and do some activity games outside the city!
a small black and brown dog sitting on top of a bed
Do you see a desire for a ride in this Chihuahua eyes? 'Cause we do!
three puppies standing in the grass with their heads turned to look at the camera
These Tibetan Spaniel puppies are waiting for their ride in the POW Pet carrier! Does your dog waits for that moment too?
five small brown and white dogs sitting next to each other on the sidewalk at sunset
Look how many there are Shih Tzu dogs! Only missing your dog... Grab your dog, jump on your bike and meet this cute dog gang!
three long haired dogs are tied to leashes
Lhasa Apso dogs are known for their joyful and mischievous temperament. This only means that this breed dog needs your spare time to play with a ball! Drive to the beach or any park and have fun together!
a hairless dog with long white hair sitting on a blue background in front of a black backdrop
22 Of The Most Unusual Looking Dogs. My Favorite Is The Husky With The Eye Mask.
Do you have a Chinese Crested dog who loves to feel the wind while you're traveling? You can do it while driving your motorbike or bicycle!
a small white dog standing on a white background
Coton de Tulear: The Ultimate Fluffy Dog, Breed Profile
Want to have a training with your Coton de Tulear breed dog? Put him in the POW Pet carrier and have a nice ride to the training place! He will be thankful!
a small white dog standing on top of leaves
Blue Cane Corso
Look at this small Bolognese dog! He's walking with his owner after a ride. Where would you go with your Bolognese?
a small white dog sitting on top of a tree stump
This Bichon Frise dog is so happy! Do you know why? It's because his owner traveled to this place and they're having a great time together!
a small white dog sitting on top of a couch
Look, how cute this Maltese is watching you! He surely doesn't want to be left at home alone! Take him with you!