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a cat sitting on top of a bed next to the words perfect names for savannah cats
Best Savannah Cat Names
If you are looking for a perfect yet unusual name for a Savannah cat, here are some of the best ideas to choose from! #savannahcats
a black and white dog with a red heart on it's nose, says does your husky love you?
How To Tell If Your Siberian Husky Loves You
How To Tell If Your Siberian Husky Loves You - Discover how a husky shows affection. It involves much more than a happy wag of the tail #siberianhuskies #huskieguide
A tabby and white cat sitting and staring up at the camera lens. Funny Cats, Cat Facts, Cat Owners, Cat Care Tips, Cat Parenting, Cat Care, Cat Health, Owning A Cat
Things NOT to do to your cat!
Here are 16 things you should never do to your cat. When you make a decsion to adopt or buy a cat you are responsible for caring for it properly, treating it kindly and giving it the safe and happy stress-free life it deserves. In this article we cover the fundamentals of cat care - some things that are maybe obvious and some that are not!
an orange cat sitting in a white ball with the words 19 amazing ways to spoil your cat
19 Amazing ways to spoil your cat
All cats deserve to be spoilt a little - or even a lot. Here are 19 simple ideas you can use and some of them won't cost you a penny. This pin shows my cat in a shopping basket covered with a T-shirt. He loved it instantly. Read our article for other easy ideas of ways to give your cat the best life ever.
the complete guide to french bulldogs
The Complete Guide to French Bulldogs
The Complete Guide to French Bulldogs - Their history, popularity, colors, temperament, heath, diet and much more are covered here in the perfect guide for owners and would-be-owners #frenchbulldog #frenchies
a husky dog laying in the snow with text overlay that reads siberian huskies 21 incredible fact
Incredible Siberian Husky facts
Siberian Huskies are incredible dogs and these 21 facts show why. Learn about their history and involvement in World War 2, their coats, their speed, their howls and so much more. Get to know their quirky habits and why they are a unique breed of dog.
a white dog sitting in front of a red heart with the words how your husky says i love you
How a Siberian Husky says I love you
A Siberian Husky show it loves you in many ways. We share our favorite 12 with you. Some you might think are obvious but others may be news to you.
a cat that is standing up with its paws in the air
Why does my cat attack me?
Discover why a cat attacks for no apparent reason and how you can train it not to. From predatory play to idiopathic aggression, we explain 11 reasons why cats occasionally strike out at their owners. Learn how to recognize the signs of an imminent assault so you can avoid being bitten and scratched and enjoy the calmer side of your cat's nature.
a cat sitting in a ball with the words how cats show you love
How Do Cats Show Affection? Learn the signs of cat love
You'll be amazed by the number of ways your cat shows affection. Read our guide and you'll soon understand the various ways cats say "I love you" and realize just how adored you are!
a hand holding a turtle with the words why tortoises must hibernate
Do Tortoises Have to Hibernate?
Do Tortoises Have to Hibernate? - Yes and you'll see why in this post, along with everything you need to know to make sure your tortoise has a safe hibernation. #tortoisehibernation #tortoisecare #tortoises
the complete guide to french bulldog colors for all ages and breeds, including puppies
A complete guide to French Bulldog colors
Not all French Bulldog Colors are accepted by kennel clubs. Find out which are and the reasons why some are not.
the cover of siberian huskies 21 incredible facts
Siberian Huskies: 21 Incredible Facts
The Siberian Husky is a popular breed. There are many reasons for this. It is unlike any other dog on the planet. Here are 21 facts that you might know about the Siberian Husky! #siberianhusky #siberianhuskies #husky #huskies
a black puppy sitting in front of a white background with the words, 24 reason to not buy a labrador
24 Reasons to NOT buy a Labrador
If you're tempted to buy a Labrador, no one could blame you. These beautiful, soppy, loyal dogs are hard to resist. So how can we possibly have found 24 reasons to not get one? Maybe we haven't really - you'd better take a look!
a white cat with blue eyes and the caption, one thing all cats must do to bond with their owners
A Cat's Guide to Owning a Pet Human
All cats have to do to bond with their owners is remember they own them. Here's a perfect guide for any cat to help it be the perfect human owner #cats #catguide #catowners
a dog laying down with the words happy on it's back and pink lettering
15 Ways To Make Your Siberian Husky Happy
The Siberian Husky will want for many things over the course of its life and you must provide them. Click the pin for 15 ways to make your Siberian Husky happy!