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a cat laying in the grass with text that reads, 7 cat care tips you can't ignore
The Top 7 Cat Care Tips You Can't Afford To Ignore
Unlock the secrets to ultimate cat care that every feline lover needs to know! From perfect nutrition and flawless grooming to mental stimulation and vital health check-ups, this article reveals the essential steps to keep your kitty purring with joy. Dive in and discover how to give your beloved cat the happiest, healthiest life ever!
a cat sitting on top of a scratching post with the caption, a cat's guide to owning a pet human
Tips For Cats: How To Own Your Human
Listen up humans! Tell the cat who owns you to read this guide to ensure they are taking care of all your needs.
an orange cat with the caption 15 things your cat hates about you on it
Things You Do That Your Cat Hates: Cat care tips created by cats
If your cat could only speak it would tell you about the many things you do wrong every day. Basically, there are times it finds you very annoying. You might think cats are fickle but really that's an adjective your cat would use to describe you.
Scottish Deerhound, Devon Rex, Maine Coon Cats, Boston Terrier, Cat Facts
Beautiful Maine Coon Photos: The gentle giants of the cat world
A tabby and white cat sitting and staring up at the camera lens. Funny Cats, Cat Parenting, Cat Health, Owning A Cat
Things NOT to do to your cat!
Here are 16 things you should never do to your cat. When you make a decsion to adopt or buy a cat you are responsible for caring for it properly, treating it kindly and giving it the safe and happy stress-free life it deserves. In this article we cover the fundamentals of cat care - some things that are maybe obvious and some that are not!
a cat sitting on top of a couch with the caption why do cats pur?
Why Do Cats Purr?
Curious about why cats purr? It’s more than just a sign of happiness! Unveil the mysterious reasons behind your cat's soothing purrs and learn about the surprising situations that can trigger this mesmerizing sound. Tap to explore the secrets of feline purring!
a cat walking across a lush green field with the caption, what really cause to get the crazies?
Cat Zoomies: what exactly are they?
Cat zoomies - when a cat runs around like a creature possessed. What is behind this crazy behavior? We explain theories as to why cats zoom around and if you should ever be concerned
Image of  black cat's tail against a yellow background Cat Behavior Problems, Cat Behaviour, Spoiled Pets
Why do cats quiver their tails?
Do cats quiver their tails as they spray urine? They do but this is only one of several reasons and is not the most common one. Discover four reasons why cats vibrate their tails and how to distinguish one from the other.
a cat that is standing on some stairs with the caption why do cats knead?
Why Cats Literally Need to Knead
Why do cats Knead? because they need to for good reasons! It's not because they want to catch threads on your jumper or dig holes into your skin. Once you know the real reasons behind this unique cat behavior, you'll happily tolerate the loops on your clothes and belongings and the sensation of needles in your skin.
a white cat with blue eyes and the caption, one thing all cats must do to bond with their owners
A Cat's Guide to Owning a Pet Human
All cats have to do to bond with their owners is remember they own them. Here's a perfect guide for any cat to help it be the perfect human owner #cats #catguide #catowners
a cat laying on top of a table next to a sign that says do you have a scared cat? here's what you can do
How To Help a Cat to Trust You
There are many ways to gain a cat's trust. Discover some very easy-to-follow suggestions here #catcare #cats #catinfo
a cat with the caption one thing all owners must do to bond with their cat
The One Thing All Owners Must Do to Bond With Their Cat
The Easiest Way to Bond With Your Cat, by - There are many things you can do to give your cat a happy life but one simple action stands out. Developing a bond with your cat is the best part of ownership and you can see just how easy this is to achieve by clicking this pin #catbonding #catownership #catcare #catguide
a cat walking across a bed with the caption zoomies what they are and why cats get them
The real causes of cat zoomies
Cat zoomies are a curious cat behavior with many causes. If you've ever wondered why your cat suddenly tears around the house in a crazy fashion with wide eyes and its tail up, we've got the answers you need.
a kitten with the words 10 tips to instantly calm any cat
10 tips to instantly calm any cat
10 tips to instantly calm any cat is full of easy to follow advice from two people who have owned cats all their lives #cats #catcare
Why shouldn't you buy a Ragdoll. Well here are 14 reasons not to. Do we mean it? See what you think! #Ragdollcats Cat Breeds Ragdoll, Ragdoll Kittens For Sale, Ragdoll Cats For Sale, Ragdoll Cat Breed, Best Cat Breeds, Kitten Breeds, White Ragdoll Cat
14 Reasons to NOT buy a Ragdoll cat
Why shouldn't you buy a Ragdoll. Well here are 14 reasons not to. Do we mean it? See what you think! #Ragdollcats