Funny Cats

Cats can be funny and amusing. Here are some of the funniest cat and kitten pins that link to lighthearted articles about the weird and wonderful ways of cats…
6 Pins
a cat walking across a bed with the caption zoomies what they are and why cats get them
The real causes of cat zoomies
Cat zoomies are a curious cat behavior with many causes. If you've ever wondered why your cat suddenly tears around the house in a crazy fashion with wide eyes and its tail up, we've got the answers you need.
an orange cat laying on top of a white bed next to the words, cat body language explain
Cat Body Language Explained
Understand your cat's body language today. We explain 35 ways to read what your cat is trying to say. You'll soon be an expert!
an orange cat laying on top of a carpet with the caption when is a cat not a cat?
Why Do Cats Loaf?
Cats adopt many positions but the bread loaf pose is the most intriguing. Why do cats loaf and hide all of their legs? We reveal their best reasons - read our article to become enlightened.
a cat is sitting on the floor with its paws up and looking at the camera
12 Weird Things All Cat Owners Do
Funny cat owner habits that are just a little bit weird. How many of these slightly odd things do you do? Are you as secretive about these behaviors as you think you are?
a white cat with blue eyes and the caption, one thing all cats must do to bond with their owners
A Cat's Guide To Owning a Pet Human
People think they own cats but it's the other way around. Don't be fooled - your cat is in control and has you wrapped around its furry little toe beans. Our cat Harry explains all in this article.
a cat wearing a pink bow tie walking next to a person's legs with the caption why do cats walk in our way?
Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You?
Have you ever thought your cat is trying to trip you up? Cats like to zig-zag across our paths and head us off as we try to get past them. Cats often use this herding technique to guide us somewhere but they do it for other reasons too. We reveal why cats walk in front of us and tell you how to avoid tripping over them when they do it.