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a dog's head in a speech bubble with the words powered by love
Possums - We love Possums. We love animals. We love pets. #petsqui
a small rat is holding on to someone's leg with bandages around it
National Post
baby opossum
a ferret in a yellow bowl with its paw up
Wildlife Rehab. Clinic, Inc.
an animal that is yawning with its mouth wide open and teeth wide open
37.... Baby OPPOSUM
a man holding a ferret in his arms while wearing a beanie on top of his head
Silly Bunt
I'm going to hell for laughing, but...hahahaha!!!
a small ferret peeks out from its hole in a tree trunk, looking at the camera
an animal that is standing up on the ground in front of a wall and looking at the camera
15+ Awesome Possums And Opossums (Bored Panda)
15+ Awesome Possums And Opossums | Bored Panda | Bloglovin’
a woman holding a cat in her arms
Pet 'Possum
Pet 'Possum - Neatorama
a ferret is holding on to someone's arm
Cats, Beavers & Ducks
Her Name's Mia Grey and she's the cutest Possum EVER....photos by @Mia Grey
a group of oposshes sitting on top of a tree branch with their babies
Marsupial, Virginia Opossom
The only marsupial native to North America - the opossum.
three small possles are eating from a bucket
Baby opossums enjoying yogurt
a group of oposs standing on top of a pile of dirt
Despite their bad rap, opossums are actually awesome.
a small animal sticking its head out of a pocket
Sesame the Opossum