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ranunculus stem

Buttercup stem section (Ranunculus repens) Ref: scanning electron micro- graph (SEM) of a transverse (cross) section through part of a stem of a Buttercup, Ranunculus repens, showing a vascular bundle. Magnification: at size.

Radiolaria Polycystinea, fossilised, ancient single-celled organism

Radiolaria Polycystinea Fossilized, ancient single cell organism, from the Barbados Islands. Imaged in low vacuum mode after having received a thin gold coating. Courtesy of Linnea Rundgren Image Details Instrument used: Nova DualBeam Family Mag

Pollen . SaCrIt: Epic Art Science Exhibit & Exploration: Science Art Blog

I have just read about a new exhibition , Behind the Dawn featuring not one but four exhibitions and many events that deliver science and i.

Foraminifera by Philippe Crassous. Protozoan group (usually) secreting a calcareous shell; both planktonic and benthic representatives exist.

Bird Cage Foraminifere Courtesy of Philippe Crassous Image Details Instrument used: Quanta Family Magnification: 3737 Horizontal Field Width: µm Vacuum: mbar Voltage: 10 KV Spot: Working Distance: mm Detector: SE