Fun art project for kids using scouring pads - looks like fireworks!

Here’s a really different way to make a Fourth of July painting – your kids will love it! bonfire night craft art painting fireworks with nylon scourers , cool effect especially with bright paint on black card

Wet Chalk Fireworks Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning

Wet Chalk Fireworks Craft for Kids

Awesome fireworks crafts - perfect for Bonfire night, these are creative, fun and easy!

15 Fireworks Crafts for Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve or 4th July

Collaborative paint-covered marble and ball rolling - from Rachel (",)

Bonfire Night

Paint-covered marble and tumble drier ball rolling - from Rachel (",)

Fireworks in Transient Art - from Rachel (",)

Bonfire Night

Activities related to bonfire night and the story 'A Dark, Dark Tale' - from Rachel (",)

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