Piet Mondrian departure from the grid of squares he's more known for, and in an almost Van Gogh-ish style

Piet Mondrian Gray Tree painting for sale - Piet Mondrian Gray Tree is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Piet Mondrian Gray Tree painting on canvas or frame.

garden at prospect cottage:  this is the most divine garden of all time

Derek Jarman's Garden Prospect Cottage, Dungeness / on TTL Design. I love the beach/seaside feel to this - might look good in the front garden.

JR! #photography #streetart #girl

MOGA - The Movement Of Graffiti Art street art *Street art "Artist Jose Romussi breathes new life into old photos by embroidering colorful t.

JR photography - Eyes Wide Open

The revolution in Tunisia led to an explosion of creativity in the country. Reflecting the face of one hundred citizens in symbolic places around the State. Highlight for Tunisian photographer, Rania Dourai.

Untitled (No. 21) | Anouk Mercier

Untitled (No. 21) | Anouk Mercier