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Turquoise glass reflection refraction Reflection And Refraction, Aqua Decor, Turquoise Glass, Blue Colors, Duck Egg Blue, Paper Background, Teal, Mood, Texture

196:365:2013 - Glass

15/07/2013 Day 196 - July = Turquoise. This is from the second set of this glass that I shot today after I realised how dirty the glass was the first time (it's still not spotless!). 1/160 sec, F13, ISO 100, 105mm (Canon 24-105 F4L). Single off camera Sigma 500 DG Super Flash @ 1/8 power and 35mm zoom - pointing at backdrop. Glass sheet over black cloth below. Glass sheet in front of white paper background. All sitting on the cooker in the kitchen! I'll post a set up shot and…

Old glass Guinness bottle Hinckley Thomas Aucott Guinness, Carafe, Making Out, Vodka Bottle, Shadows, Drinking, Strength, Good Things, Turquoise

206:365:2013 - Extra Stout

25/07/2013 Day 206 - July = Turquoise (or bluey-green in this case!) Ok, so this one might be pushing the extremities of the definition of turquoise again, but I wouldn't be able to get a shot in of this for the rest of the year and I really wanted to! This bottle was found in one of the walls of our house during the recent work we've had done. This Guiness was bottled in Hinckley by Thomas Aucott and although you can't see it here the bottle is embossed with "Aucott" "Hinckley" on…

Cracked turquoise tealight holder light shadow patterns Tea Light Holder, Light And Shadow, Tea Lights, Lanterns, Vase, Turquoise, Dreams, Home Decor, Homemade Home Decor

208:365:2013 - Cracked

27/07/2013 Day 208 - July = Turquoise. Nice cheap tealight holder I found today :-) Follow me on facebook too

Turquoise Ikea Tea Towel Seaside Decor, Tea Towels, Ikea, Turquoise, Seashore Decor, Dish Towels, Ikea Ikea, Green Turquoise, Flour Sack Towels

187:365:2013 - Tea Towel

06/07/2013 Day 187 - July = Turquoise. Quick & late shot tonight as I've taken over a 1000 shots doing some photoshoots this afternoon. Follow me on facebook too

Glass edge glowing turquoise Glow, Turquoise, Green Turquoise, Sparkle

210:365:2013 - Glowing Edges

29/07/2013 Day 210 - July = Turquoise. More glass and light I'm afraid! Only 2 more days of turquoise and I can move on to some (more easily attainable) brown! Follow me on facebook too

Turquoise Cupcakes Turquoise Cupcakes, Fruit, Desserts, Food, Tailgate Desserts, Meal, The Fruit, Dessert, Eten

211:365:2013 - Cupcakes

30/07/2013 Day 211 - July = Turquoise. These beauties aren't hanging around - won't survive long enough to be decorated!! It's funny how my little boy doesn't like noise (covering his ears or leaving the room) unless he's the one holding the noisy thing! In this case an electric whisk. Follow me on facebook too

and Relax Lava Lamp, Water Bottle, Relax, Table Lamp, Turquoise, Canning, Table Lamps, Green Turquoise, Water Bottles

188:365:2013 - ...and Relax

07/07/2013 Day 188 - July = Turquoise. The half way point of my 365 quietly snuck by last week. My catalogue says 9,265 shots so far have contributed to the 188 posts so far (excluding ones from the phone). Lets see if I can manage to keep it under 20,000 for the year ;-) Follow me on facebook too

Turquoise calculator buttons macro Rude Words, Love Calculator, Numbers, Buttons, Turquoise, Green Turquoise, Knots, Plugs, Button

205:365:2013 - Number crunching

24/07/2013 Day 205 - July = Turquoise. Kids love calculators. And adults love writing rude words upside-down on them :-) Follow me on facebook too