Dishfunctional Designs: The Upcycled Garden - Spring 2015

The Chic Technique: Quirky & fun! great DYI with a large piece of reclaimed DIY Repurposed Chair Ideas

Glass bottles used as path edging- a great recycling project. We could have enough bottles to use in a week from the alley recycling bins to do our whole front yard and then some

Glass bottle garden edge-finally a use for all those wine bottles. Very cool, but where to find wine bottles.

DIY milk carton watering can - could also be great for rinsing hands, etc while camping - rugged life

Make a no-drip DIY watering can from a milk jug

milk carton watering can…great idea for kids helping in the garden. Why didn't I think of this.

nip it in the bud - Gardeners World Live 2005_painted tyres 4B

wordless wednesday

Painted tyre planters for playground paint our existing tyres with acrylic paint

Moving Beautiful Things Since 2009.  6 Easy Home Decor Projects to Beautify your Home for 2017. We Move Anything, Anywhere.

Moving Beautiful Things Since 6 Easy Home Decor Projects to Beautify your Home for We Move Anything, Anywhere.

10 Awesome Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas. Hef ekki skoðað síðuna, finnst útfærslan hér glaðleg og einföld. Have not looked at the website, but this version is both happy and simple.

10 Awesome Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas

A tutorial to make your own modern, yet super affordable, neon concrete block planter! Not a fan of the neon myself but love the idea of the corner, cinder block planter

Mini meadow (in a pot) | Gardens Illustrated - Getting some container planting ideas :)

- Gardens Illustrated brings you the essence of summer with this mini meadow in a pot. Gardener Julia Wylie uses annuals in bright contrasting colours to celebrate the season

Pallet Wheelie Bin Shelter - GardenGeek.Net

Pallet Wheelie Bin Shelter

Here in Canterbury we have three wheelie bins. One for refuse, one for recycling, and one for green garden waste, which is all very.

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