Where is she? Hullo you there can you help?

Meerkats are happy and adorable creatures (have you not seen Meerkat Manor?

Sometimes the only word ... is well... Bollocks..

A Meerkat soaks up the Sun's rays in its compound at Chorzow Zoo, Poland

Thats me outside my new pad..

Meerkat emerging from sleeping burrow (Image: Alex Thornton)

Found her..

One day, son, all this will be yours: Meerkats survey their realm in scene straight out of The Lion King

Me on my day off... digging the rays man I am such an African animal baby!

"ehh, I've been standing guard all day, I'm kind of tired"



I sleep wit da King of the beasts

A lion cub who was rejected by its mother has stuck up a friendship with a meerkat. The friendship echoes the partnership between Simba, the lion cub hero of Disney classic 'The Lion King', and Timon.