This is what a pound of fat looks like. Be happy with EVERY lb lost!

Gross I know, but.This is 1 pound of fat. Every time you lose 1 pound, this is the amount of crap you're getting out of your body. Keep going.

save that cash and lose the chub

Save That Cash and Lose the Chub: Cook at Home!

Mommy Timesavers - Find out how to do everything from cooking and shopping to primping and working out in less time!

Davina Intense [DVD]: Davina McCall: Film & TV Excellent interval training for post Christmas Bulge.

The Davina Intense DVD is the new exercise DVD from the hugely popular TV presenter Davina McCall. This one is based on high intensity interval training, and is said to be very effective.

Will be doing this as soon as it arrives from amazon

Davina - My Pre & Post Natal Workout very proud of this dvd.and it's Chester in my tummy!

How this mama is going to survive the holidays | MCV Fitness

How this mama is going to survive the holidays