gold-dipped cover

“The Laus Book is presented to the public during the Nit Laus. More than a mere annual publication, this book gives a measure of national creativity.” Via: Laus

48 posters by Josef Müller-Brockmann — designer unknown

Graphic Design/Print/Layout/Grid/etc / GDS 108 Design and Media Principles: fourty eight posters josef muller-brockman


Justin's Amazing World At Fenner Paper: Jobs from the past - Number 15

Enea designed by Clase bcn

New Logo for Enea by Clase bcn — BP&O

Picture of 11 designed by Clase bcn for the project Enea. Published on the Visual Journal in date 30 April 2015

The National Insti­tute of Dra­matic Art designed by Maud

New Logo for NIDA by Maud — BP&O

Black block foiled corporate handbook designed by Maud for The National Insti­tute of Dra­matic Art

London Collections: Men A/W14. Refashioning lost knowledge – dn&co.

London Collections: Men Refashioning lost knowledge – dn&co.