Wrapped in Africa   Architecture Digest Photo Shoot print pattern

Wrapped in Africa - Architecture Digest Photo Shoot

HEAD WRAP Russian Architectural Digest, an architectural and interior design magazine, turned to Africa for inspiration for their latest shoot for interior design. Using the head wrap or “gele” as.

David Hockney!

Take a closer look at David Hockney RA with this Black & White portrait poster. The perfect piece to display in a art studio, to have Hockney encouraging you to always observe the world.

Bob Collins photograph of Admiralty Arch photographer

A photographer on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, Admiralty Arch London, 1 June 1953 by Bob Collins.

John French, sun and moon hats

Models Pattie Boyd and Cella Hammond wearing Pierre Cardin sun and moon helmets.

Chambre Hardman's wife (The Diver)

Chambre Hardman's wife (The Diver)

Dali reads Dali

Salvador Dali reading his biography, 6 May, (Photo by Terry Fincher for the Daily Herald)