Paul Schneggenburger - "The Sleep of the Beloved" - Photographic time lapse of couples in bed, sleeping, over the course of six hours lit with a candle alone. S)

Communicates with time based because it shows a movement over a period of time- Paul Schneggenburger - "The Sleep of the Beloved" - Photographic time lapse of couples in bed, sleeping, over the course of six hours lit with a candle alone.

Time-lapse composite of a lightning storm.

Time-lapse composite of a lightning storm. I love storms.

London's St Paul's Cathedral - Winter's Night

Long Exposure of Londons St Pauls Cathedral on a winters night Photo by Gene Krasko

Time lapse photography can look professional and amazing - such as this one on the right of someone diving into the ocean. We include print ready photographs when you order a time lapse package with us.

Time-lapse photography - Diving into the ocean

Light Painting. Time Lapse Photography.

Using light painting for a time laps photo. This person might have edited this photo to intensify the light. However, adjusting the ISO and Shutter Speed could be sufficient.

North Coyote Buttes (USA) by andrew waddington

North Coyote Buttes (USA) - photography by Andrew Waddington

Stunning Images Of Skylines Captured With Time Lapse Photography -

Dan Marker-Moore Weaves Photos to Capture Beautiful Time-lapse Cityscape

Moon time lapse

Dark side of the moon:A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is trapped between the sun and the moon.the shadow of the Earth blocks the light from the sun, which is then reflected off the moon,.the next lunar eclipse is set for April

Beautiful Photography Inspiration | From up North

Photography inspiration

Photograph Twistin' n Turnin' II by Mark Gvazdinskas on

Time-lapse sunset.  What a very cool photo concept for a mountain landscape!  I love the 10 different shots combined into one.  You can see how much the sky colors change from sunset to nightfall along with the time stamps and temperature change labeled below.

brutalgeneration: Sunset Time Lapse (by Tyler van der Hoeven)

this picture has been created using a slow shutter speed wich makes the effect of the dragged out lines. which is the light from the cars.

Thisphoto has been taken using a really long shutter speedso that the light fromthe cars has been dragged on down the road but the car is not seen.

time lapse photo...

Photography inspiration

Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica - One of the most beautiful Beaches in the world! And don't miss out on the Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe! Night life is pretty awesome too!

Time-lapse photo of Sergio Martinez, a middleweight boxer, in training ~ by Howard Schatz

At the Fights: How Howard Schatz Gets His Best Boxing Shots

Howard Schatz, "Boxing Study 1805 Sergio Martinez," From "At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing." © Howard Schatz/Courtesy of Staley-Wise Gallery, New York

Time Lapse Photography.

By combining multiple images into one, photographer Matt Molloy has captured entire sunsets in one single breathtaking image using a technique he calls "timestacking.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown Central, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand, photo by Paul Simpson