I just LOVE this photo! What a cute idea for a newborn baby girl! Photography with Bubbles PINK ? What a darling idea for a newborn baby .

Stargazing Sleepover

I just used this for the image, but I would love S and S to have a little kids' tent to play in downstairs. They are always trying to hide in that basketball goal toy we have down there.

Country Living magazine

teepee from Country Living. I am fairly sure I am going to spend the rest of the week making teepees. why don't I make a teepee writing room? how have I not already made a teepee?

this somehow reminds me of a special man in my daughters life.think he was this dreaming of flying as a little boy.now a pilot!

play market stall

play market stall this whole thing could fold up and slide in next to the refrigerator, locking wheels on the bottom, swivel table top with a pin to hold it steady when open and foldable canopy.the table cloth could be stored in the canopy.

Cabane en carton

Une cabane d’enfant en carton

Une cabane pour enfant en carton recouverte de papier peint gris à motif : love the door and windows and the use of wallpaper over the cardboard

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