Les tabliers de la rue de Rivoli, Paris 1978 Photographed by Robert Doisneau.


***if i only had a giraffe head. A girl wearing a toy giraffe head, by Charles Eames, June

1940's dreamer #kids #vintage

girl, sleeping ("Sleeping child" by Ilse Bing,

Shirley Temple <3 1930’s

Shirley Temple was an all time favorite of mine! I have a collection of her movies on DVD and they always bring a smile to my face! She will be missed!

baby kisses

its two babies kissing! wait- two babies kissing?

vintage christmas

vintage christmas :::::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::::: Sweet girl surrounded by dolls and toys under the Christmas tree.

the kiss #kids #vintage

Funny pictures about Kisses for all. Oh, and cool pics about Kisses for all. Also, Kisses for all.

butterfly girls

Vintage Halloween picture - children in butterfly costumes

"Is it time to go home yet?"

children and school, some things never change. I remember when school children were seated by grade rows, where the row represented what grade you were in. Ist grade was row grade was row and so on.

Little girl walks with a Penguin, London Zoo, 1937. via history.webofepic #Photography #Penguin #Girl

~ I the penguins at the London Zoo! ~ Penguin and friend. A little girl holds a penguin’s flipper as they walk together at London Zoo, May, photo by Fox photos/Getty images.


Italy 1954 Photo: Vitaliano Bassetti, ring a round the rosie

Robert Doisneau | The boy with scooter at Ménilmontant Paris, 1934  ✭ vintage kids photo

mimbeau: “ The boy with scooter at Ménilmontant Paris 1934 Robert Doisneau ” (La trottinette)

Édouard Boubat - Montmartre, Paris, 1948

"Friendship, and a heart as pure as children's. It's the sure foundation of any lasting relationship, and no less in the Lovers' religion."- °dammy o' Photo by Édouard Boubat - Montmartre, Paris, 1948

LIFE magazine. too cute!

Yoga baby girl by allan grant (Life)

playing with toy sailboat | 1932 #kids

Playing with toy sailboat, 1932