This is a great landscape photo, it is a shallow depth of field and the landscape is upside down, which is called image refraction.

Top 10 Sunset spots in Europe

Beautiful reflection of the sun.but it occurred to be that thru a glass of wine it turns your world upside down. Sometimes wine can do that. I will consider it water.

I like this shot because of how complex yet creative the image is. The lighting has been well thought out and it gives the glasses form and shape.

I like this photo because the refraction in of the glass created a unique photo. I like how the glasses see to change size and shape and they go further back. Still+Life+Photography

Driftwood Sea Turtle Painting Painted Driftwood Wall by GeoJoyful

Driftwood Sea Turtle Painting, Painted Driftwood Wall Hanging, Black And Whte Tribal Pattern, Beach Decor, Original Painting

This just made me think of my dad. (:

What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (39 photos)

Glass still life photography. I like this photo because it is colourful and reflective. I think that the light comes from behind the jars. The rules of composition that i think is in it is leading lines but also I think that it includes bold shapes.

Vintage miner's lamp

Vintage miner's lamp