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"I saw that coming a mile off. I did. Bollocks to you mate."

This free Big Five Star Wars test will allow you to obtain your scores on the Big Five system and to have them compared with the characters from Star Wars.

"But does Helena Bonham-Carter always know?"

Master Mace Windu (Samuel L Jackson). More than a skilled Jedi, A valued member of The Council. He could see splinters or shatter points in anyone or anything should the Force allow it.

"The barbershop quartet, the coffee picking, none of it was real"

"The barbershop quartet, the coffee picking, none of it was real"

"It was all on the pinboard"

Creators of the movie “Alien” likely took some notes from the moray eel. They have a second set of jaws in their throat called pharyngeal jaws which launch out, grasp prey and pull it into their throats. Weren’t they scary enough before you knew this?

"I would never have guessed that. I was sold"

"I would never have guessed that.

"It wasn't a real limp?"

Turks and Caicos Hotel & Vacation Guide. The beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands are situated 575 miles southeast of Miami. Covering 193 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, the Turks and Caicos Islands has the .

" he's never even been to Guatemala?"

Free high-resolution computer screensavers of scary underwater animals like sharks, sea snakes, moray eels and scorpionfishes from around the world.