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an image of the back side of a computer screen with different lines and shapes on it
#soul #woman #ninasimone NINA SIMONE - Priestess of Soul and Richeous Political Activist Nina Simone - The Movie, WHAT HAPPENED MISS SIMONE? Explores the effects of racism, sexism and political oppression on her life and her career. Please don't let her message be misunderstood!
#Bunuel #film #surrealism
#Bunuel #film #surrealism
several different colored drawings are shown in this image
#frida #kahlo #painting #art Beyond the paintings lies an emerging world of drawings and letters: revelations from this most fervent soul.
four different types of headgear for men and women, from the 19th century
[Manual of surgical bandages, devices and dressings : Goffres, Joseph Marie Achille, 1808-1867 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
a man in a suit and tie with an egg on his face, wearing a nose mask
a close up of a wooden statue with rope wrapped around it's arms and hands
St. Sebastian
Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460 – 7 July 1531)
a woman talking on a phone with a speech bubble above her head
a woman wearing bunny ears and holding a wine glass in her right hand while sitting on a leather chair
a person is holding an open book with their hands on the pages and touching it
Edgy Art: Fore-Edge Paintings Hidden in Historical Books - WebUrbanist
secret fore-edge book side paintings
a man and woman sitting at a table eating food
Kolor vs. Black and White
Alfred Hitchcock and Vera Miles. New York City, 1957. Elliot Erwitt
a man is walking down the road with an enormous object on his head in the sky
The Sims - Julien Pacaud • Illustration • Perpendicular Dreams
a book cover with two hands tied to each other and the words marriage on it
Gerard DuBois
Gerard DuBois / Marlena Agency
a woman in gold ballet shoes sitting on the floor